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Xanadome challenge

Recently, someone identifing themselves as Edward Halford from Xanadome contacted me by email, repeating their usual bizarre claims to have the optimal clear-span structure.

So, here is my Xanadome challenge! Here is a 13cm-clear-span structure constructed on a dinner plate - made using cling film and 7cm of chopped-up pencil.

Entry by Tim Tyler

My challenge to the folks at Xanadome is to create a similar clear span with a Xanadome - using fewer (or equal) materials of a broadly-similar type - i.e. chopped-up pencils (or similar) for the struts - and whatever guy material they choose, if needed.

The dinner plate should be considered to be flat circular surface - though my photo only contains an approximation of that. A cling-film-only solution would not be admissable!

Entry by Tim Tyler - side view

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