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Arch suspension

Arch suspension involves suspending the roof beneath an arch.

One advantage of doing this (as opposed to using the arch as part of the roof) is that the cables can distribute the stabilising effect of the arch over a wider area of the roof.

Another advantage is that the strength of an arch depends upon how curved it is - an external arch will often tend to have a smaller radius of curvature than one following the surface of the dome would have - and will thus be stronger.

The disadvantages are much the same as for using an arch: the arch components are in compression; if the arch is to be very long without buckling, then it needs to become thick, heavy and expensive.

The pattern avoids the extended footprint required by suspension and cable-stayed designs. It is however, heavier and more expensive than them.

Arch suspension is fairly commonly used in bridges. Only a few arch suspension domes exist.

Athens Olympic Velodrome [1]
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Cologne Arena, Arena Mantelbebauung [1] [2]
New Wembley Stadium
Athens Olympic Stadium [1] [2]

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