Suspension    Domes


Cable-stayed roofs are more common than ones based on the suspension bridge pattern.

The pattern suffers from many of the same disadvantages that cable-stayed bridges suffer from.

In particular, they are sub-optimal as a means of attaining very large spans because the cables tend to apply cumulative compression forces to the structure they are supporting.

Millennium dome
Larger pictures can be found [here] or [here].
Lisbon Expo 1996 - and 1998
A larger pictures can be found [here and here].
Edinburgh Dynamic Earth Building
A larger picture can be found [here].
Tulsa Expo Centre
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Muna bulk reservoir cover
Olympic stadium roof - Munich
Alamodome 1
Sydney Superdome
Jeju World Cup Stadium
Manchester City Stadium
Desert tent 1

Seoul World Cup Stadium
Delle Alpi Stadium
Jeonju World Cup Stadium
Cardiff Millennium Stadium
Sydney International Athletics Centre
NEC Arena
Olympic Stadium, Montreal
Genoa Expo 92 - Grande Bigo
Don Valley Stadium
Eastville Tesco - Bristol
M32 garage - Bristol
Wildwalk Hothouse - Bristol
The Fly at Sarasvati

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